Test nr 2, Język Angielski, Młodzież (15+) i Dorośli
Test wyboru pomoże nam wybrać dla Ciebie odpowiedni poziom kursu językowego. Jest to orientacyjny test, a uzyskany wynik i podana kwalifikacja na dany semestr może ulec niewielkiej zmianie po rozmowie z konsultantem językowym.
Jeśli jesteś gotowy sprawdzić poziom swoich kompetencji językowych pamiętaj o kilku zasadach:
  • ponieważ nie ma limitu czasu nie musisz się spieszyć, czas wyboru odpowiedzi nie powinien być jednak zbyt długi,
  • staraj się zatem udzielać odpowiedzi, których jesteś pewien; jeśli nie masz pewności, pozostaw pytanie bez odpowiedzi,
  • stopniowo poziom trudności pytań jest coraz wyższy, więc jeśli nie znasz odpowiedzi na kolejne pytania zakończ test; zgadywanie odpowiedzi jest niedopuszczalne, gdyż uniemożliwia właściwą ocenę poziomu.
Zaznacz prawidłową odpowiedź:
1. ___ your name Mark Smith?
2. ___ is he from?
3. Where are my ___ pencils?
4. My mother's sister ___ three sons.
5. There ___ two bedrooms in the house.
6. I ___ like cats, but my sister likes them very much.
7. I ___ on the bus.
8. What ___ get up?
9. John ___ milk.
10. I don't like ___ in the sea.
11. He can't ___ tennis very well.
12. They ___ before 8 a.m.
13. There are 420 calories in 100g of ___ cheese.
14. How ___ eggs are there in the fridge?
15. How ___ his sister?
16. We usually meet ___ Wednesdays.
17. I haven't got ___ water.
18. My friend Betty is ___ teacher.
19. Where ___?
20. Look! Your neighbour ___ in his garden.
21. Mark lives ___ London, ___ a flat, ___ the first floor.
22. I have got ___ money today.
23. ___ some fruit juice ?
24. When Bob is dirty he ___ .
25. In spring, ___ usually warm, but often cloudy and rainy.
26. My car is broken, let's go in ___.
27. ___ is this beautiful jacket?
28. The cat wants ___ dinner.
29. Copernicus ___ the solar system.
30. The Berlin Wall came down ___ 1989.
31. What does 'travel' ___?
32. Where ___ your last holiday?
33. They ___ there yesterday.
34. When I was 5 years old, I ___ swim under water.
35. ___ your shoes and let's go.
36. Can I have ___ of tuna?
37. ___ sit in front of TV all day.
38. You ___ wear sunglasses when you are out.
39. They lived very ___ after the wedding.
40. I usually ___ of animals and just now I ___ of elephants.
41. What would you like ___ a starter, madam?
42. My birthday is ___ .
43. Where is my blue mug? It's ___ in the kitchen, I think.
44. Young people usually wear ___ clothes than other people.
45. What does he look ___?
46. Let's take a bus! I ___ to walk 10 kilometres in the rain.
47. We'd like one of ___ in the window.
48. Will she work as a doctor? ___.
49. I think a lot of shops ___ disappear in the nearest future.
50. If you study all night, you ___ tired the next day.
51. ___ an e-mail?
52. Suddenly, the lights went ___.
53. I don't live in a big city. ___.
54. I don't mind ___ that museum in Warsaw.
55. Are you going to ___ to buy a new cooker by the end of the week?
56. We ___ many games yet.
57. The doctor said I was going to ___ in a few days.
58. If the meeting is very formal you ___ dress smartly.
59. What food ___ on Christmas Day in Poland?
60. Last weekend all the windows in the house ___.
61. All my friends like me, and ___ of them say I'm boring.
62. What will you do if your computer ___?
63. If I were a computer expert, I ___ enough money to visit South America.
64. The weather's been great ___ last Sunday.
65. We'll have a party when you ___all your exams.
66. Luckily, not much ___ because the burglars set off the alarm.
67. ___ the auditorium was cold, the audience loved the show.
68. You saw the film 2 weeks ago, ___?
69. While ___ along a lonely road, I saw a car stopped and a young woman standing next to it, so I asked her: 'What's the matter?'
70. He hasn't made his bed yet, ___?
71. While Betty ___ herself at the cinema, a thief broke into her car and stole her bag.
72. You ___ come before 10 o'clock. I'll come at 8 and prepare everything.
73. Kate waited for Peter for ages but he didn't ___.
74. My secondary school teachers ___ give us any homework but they would teach us a lot in class.
75. They weren't surprised at all, because they ___ the news earlier.
76. Anna's boyfriend was angry with her, because he ___ him to the party.
77. I ___ my parents, but we sometimes have arguments, of course.
78. I don't think he should give us a lift. He ___ for a long time.
79. Why are you late? What ___?
80. Look at those men in black coats and dark glasses. I think we ___.
81. He's got a very nice suntan. He ___ be working in an office all day.
82. In the winter we're going to spend three weeks in ___ USA.
83. I'm sure they have forgotten about my birthday. Yes, they ___ about it.
84. If the storm ___, the boat wouldn't have sunk.
85. I regret I didn't study harder at school. I wish I ___ more time reading books and doing exercises.
86. I can't cook. I wish I ___ prepare a family dinner.
87. I regret I didn't apologise to her. Yes, you ___ it.
88. They succeeded because they believed in ___.
89. The hairdresser advised the girl ___ her hair.
90. They said that if things went well they ___ their journey.
91. I asked what he ___ about living in London.
92. You should avoid ___ without a warm cap and a scarf in winter.
93. I sometimes worry about not ___ long enough.
94. I can't remember what time ___.
95. Many natural resources ___ by the end of the century.
96. A corkscrew is an instrument ___ is used for opening bottles of wine.
97. She sat by the fire ___ a poem.
98. Look! What an awful accident! The driver ___ too fast.
99. Waiter! Could you take away my plates, please? Of course, I'll ___.
100. You must ___ bed - time stories if you've got children.
101. What's the ___ between DM and your currency?
102. He chopped the end of his toe off and had to have it ___ on.
103. The devil makes work ___.
104. In China more than twice ___ people die of cancer than of strokes.
105. I put an advertisement in the newspaper a week ago, but ___ has phoned yet.
106. You'd better write the telephone number ____. You've got a terrible memory.
107. Why didn't you come yesterday? I'd rather you __ us.
108. I can't stand my husband coming home late. We have endless ___ about it.
109. I suggested that he ___ to bed.
110. Would you be pleased if you ___ a bargain in the sales.
111. There was a ___ in the department store, and some money was stolen.
112. ___ football they play in America is different from the kind they play in England.
113. The ___ of living here will surely go up. It won't do down.
114. I ___ the meet, because I think it's gone off.
115. I owe ___.
116. He admitted ___ too fast through the city.
117. Mary was very disappointed. She ___ in the garden all morning, and no-one had offered to help.
118. I'll give the book to you as soon as I ___ it.
119. I'm afraid we're ___ sugar.
120. Employees hope that their salary will ___ with the cost of living.
121. When you figure out a problem you ___.
122. When I went into the kitchen, the children were ___ over the last piece of pizza.
123. If you ___ Sara, tell her about the wedding.
124. She might ___ her ideas much better if she planned what she wanted to say.
125. Mark has bought a new car lately. It's very ___.
126. The girl had an accident because she didn't use her ___ sense.
127. ___ I have seen the play before, I can't remember the ending.
128. I couldn't ___ the manager when I rang.
129. He seems ___ too much at the party.
130. They are thought ___ in South Africa at one time.
131. I'm sorry I can't help you. I'm only ___ someone who's at lunch now.
132. I'm sure he will certainly be at the meeting. Yes, he is ___ to be there.
133. The teacher congratulated all students ___ passing the exam.
134. I think it's about time you ___ some weight.
135. It's no use ___ for them. They should have come an hour ago.
136. When you place your forefinger on the shutter button, you ought to curl your fingers in your palm ___ you don't put a finger in front of the lens.
137. It's about time he ___.
138. ___ hearing the explosion, the woman broke out in a cold seat.
139. You shouldn't lay that bottle on its side, the top might start ___.
140. He ___ here now if he hadn't done so well in his interview.